The LeakyCon Express

Hello everyone. If you are taking a look at this blog it's probably because you're looking for a hopefully cheap and fun way to get to LeakyCon!

Please take a look and see if there is a station near you. You can also see who else is going on the LeakyCon Express closest to you. All the info is in the links on the right so take a look and message me if you need any help.

Thanks for all your support and ideas. I can't wait to see you all at LeakyCon!

Calling all LeakyCon goers near Denver, CO! The LeakyCon Express is stopping at a station near you!

Traveling from Denver, CO to Chicago:

By Car:

1005 miles

15 hours 52 min

$264 in gas + $32 minimum for total parking costs** 

$296 for your traveling and parking expenses at the least. And I’m being really forgiving about parking prices. It will realistically be more like $32 a day not $32 for the whole week. But I’m giving LeakyCon the benefit of the doubt and sticking with their claim of an $8 a day parking lot. *I’m giving that tweet a whole lotta side eye. Just so ya know.*

**Calculated using current gas prices local to Denver, CO. They may go up or down.

By Plane:

Roundtrip starting at $270 + $46x2 (there and back for the taxi)= $362

and make sure you didn’t bring baggage or that will cost more O_o


By Train:

18 hours, 40 mins

$244.00 total. 

However there is no parking that I know of at this station. I will be looking for a nearby station that does have parking. If I can’t find one you should try to get someone to drop you off at the station. The parking fees are what we are really trying to fight here.

*This itinerary is only an example and the times and dates can be changed. Just check out the Amtrak website and fiddle with it. If you need any help just stop by my ask!*


Although the trip is longer it’s cheaper and you can sleep the whole time if you really wanted to. You might even be able to cut out a night of hotel expenses if you set it up right and find out when registration starts. I would recommend being dropped off at this station if you do take the train. You don’t want to end up paying for parking when you take the train. It kind of defeats the whole purpose of it all.

If you live in or around Denver, Co…

Come ride The LeakyCon Express!!!