The LeakyCon Express

Hello everyone. If you are taking a look at this blog it's probably because you're looking for a hopefully cheap and fun way to get to LeakyCon!

Please take a look and see if there is a station near you. You can also see who else is going on the LeakyCon Express closest to you. All the info is in the links on the right so take a look and message me if you need any help.

Thanks for all your support and ideas. I can't wait to see you all at LeakyCon!

Headed off to Leaky right now! If you are taking the 351 Wolverine train this morning I’ll be seeing you real soon :D
Hope all your trips go well and everyone has a great time! See you there!

Hello LeakyCon friends!

There is still time to buy a train ticket to get to Leaky and save some money!

Check out routes at Amtrak or shoot me a message if you have any questions.

See you all there!

Anonymous asked:
Hey my friend and I are taking the Megabus up from Chicago, and we're supposed to get in at about 9ish. From Union Station to the Hotel, we were planning on just walking. I know I've made the walk before on previous trips, but do you know if that seems easily do-able, or do you think we would need to take the L?

  Your best bet will be to get on a bus. I mean. You can totally walk. It’s a little more than a mile away. I just hate walking around downtown with luggage. So annoying. The L would be a major waste of time though. It really won’t bring you that much closer.

   There are various buses that will take you from Union to The Hilton. They all leave in 10ish min intervals. So if you miss one there isn’t too much waiting for the next. Then again you can never really tell with the trackers. It all depends on traffic :(

   If you have a smart phone or you can go to google maps you can get public transit directions. There’s a quick little tutorial here.

   Also the X28 Stoney Island Express and the 1 Indiana-Hyde Park buses both leave from Union Station at the corner of Canal and Adams and take you practically to the Hotel.

A CVS that sells bus passes is also on that corner across the street.

   Then you just get off at Michigan and Balbo or Michigan and 8th it doesn’t really matter the hotel is between those streets and voila the Hilton.

   If you need help finding your stop ask the bus driver or someone on the bus! Most people usually don’t mind. And if they’re gruff with you oh well. Grumpy people are annoying and have miserable lives lol.

   Again I will be arriving on the 8th at 11:30ish so if you want my help I’ll try to be as available as possible.

Good Luck!

Name: Sophia
Tumblr: thestrangestquark
Station I am leaving from: Penn Station (NYC)
Trip Details:
  To Leaky: August 7 at 3:45 pm on 49 Lake Shore Ltd.
  Back Home: August 12 at 9:30 pm on 48 Lake Shore Ltd.
Other Details: I’m traveling all by myself so it’d be neat to have someone to sit with!

Thank you for the info, I was planning on taking a cab from the airport to the hotel, but I guess it's best to take he bus, if it's that easy. :) Thanks!

No prob :D

Yea the best way to go is to take the “L” which is the name for the chicago subway/train system. Whatever you wanna call it. It’s basically a subway that runs at street level, below street level (like a subway), and on an elevated track (hence the name the L.) 

If you are coming downtown from Midway airport take the Orange line towards The Loop aka downtown Chicago and if you are coming from O’Hare take the Blue line towards The Loop.

Again the official CTA website is extremely helpful. This page has info on traveling to/from the airports.

Good Luck!

Tips on getting around Chicago!


   As of now my plan is to arrive in Chicago at 11:30am on Wed the 8th. So, I’m going to be pretty early and can take anyone from the station to the hotel that arrives on or after that time. So if you want to be shuttled from the station to the hotel by someone who knows CTA let me know.

   Either way I can give directions. So send me a message if you think you’ll need help and I’ll send you my cell number so I can help out if you get lost or I can pick you up.

Here are some tips for people new to public transit.

1. **Avoid cabs if possible.** They’re pretty expensive and honestly I wouldn’t even know how to flag one down. Lived there for 6 months. Never took a cab.

2. Get a CTA pass. They have 1, 3, and 7 day passes. They are sold at pretty much all CVS/Walgreens/Rite Aids. There is a CVS across the street from Union Station so it’s pretty easy.

3. The map apps on iphones/smart phones/google maps. Are pretty awesome. You can make it so the map gives you directions via public transportation. To do that choose the bus icon like I did here.

And just enter your current location and destination info. Voila. Directions on which bus/subway to take, where you get on them, and what time they leave.

4. The bus stop signs look like this.

And honestly I won’t be able to explain it any better than CTA does so go to this website.

If you have any other questions/comments shoot me a message. 

See you all at Leaky!!!

Name: Summer

AKA (internet name): Mocha

You might know me for… My Glee fanfic ‘verse, Love Like Woah. 

Tumblr: neverletitgetmedown

Station I am leaving from: Grand Rapids, MI

Trip Details:

  To Leaky: August 8

  Back Home: August 13

Looking for roommates? Nope. We’re all full in our hotel.

About Me/Other Details:

This is my first Leaky, though I’ve followed the other years enviously. While Harry Potter is my biggest/oldest fandom, I also fangirl on Glee, Disney, StarKid, Avengers, White Collar (and anything involving Matt Bomer), Sailor Moon, and Broadway among other stuff. I love to write and I’m also a singer/actress.

If you’re on our train, stop by and say hi! Allison and I will be the ones dressed in our robes and eating all kinds of Harry Potter themed goodies that we made from the cookbook. :D

About me:
  You can call me Leigh. This is my personal blog :D You can check it out and follow me if you want or never go back again :P
  Also here be my contact information. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions or to give any comment or criticism. I’m not afraid of you and you definitely shouldn’t feel that way about me!
So main things about me.

  • I’m 19. (My bday is Aug 1st so I’ll just be 20 by time Leaky comes around.)
  • I currently live in the metro Detroit area but I did live in Chicago for a bit so I know the area a bit better than your regular visitor.
  • I love Harry Potter (obviously)
  • I love a bunch of other fandomy things but there are too many to list.
  • I love organizing events and people.
  • I have a bunch of ideas. A lot of which suck, but hopefully not this one.

So as weird as it sounds I actually enjoy doing this and I love helping people out so if you need any help feel free to stop by my ask.

Why I started this blog:
I wanted to go to LeakyCon 2011 so ridiculously bad. But the travel price threw me over the edge cost wise. There was no way I could have gone traveling all the way from Michigan to Orlando. I didn’t really know anyone on Tumblr close enough to hitch a ride with and so everything was just way too expensive.
  So when they announced that LeakyCon was in Chicago this year I was super excited. I already knew about the train to Chicago and knew that taking it would be the fastest, cheapest, easiest way to do things.
  I started trying to get people to come with me on the train and quickly realized that while there aren’t a million people able to come to Michigan and join me on my LeakyCon Express there is no reason other people shouldn’t be able to have their own. So here we are now.
  I just want as many people as possible to get the chance to go to LeakyCon. I was so bummed I couldn’t go last year and I just think the idea of taking a train to a Harry Potter conference is ridiculously cool. I mean. How much more canon can you get?!? :D
  If you are looking for info about the project and how things work visit the introductory page here.
Thanks for all the help and support everyone. See you at the platform!!!

Name: Rachael

AKA (internet name): eternalpeacealone

You might know me for… Nothing really. I’m mainly a lurker/reblogger

Tumblr:  eternalpeacealone 

Station I am leaving from: Lancaster, PA (LNC) and Pittsburgh, PA (PGH)

Trip Details:
  To Leaky: August 7 at 1:52pm 43 Pennsylvania transfer to 29 Capitol Limited in    Pittsburgh, PA  at 11:59 PM

  Back Home: August 12 at 6:10PM 30 Capitol limited transfer to 42 Pennsylvania in Pittsburgh, PA at 7:20 AM

Looking for roommates? Nope, my room is full

About Me/Other Details: 19 female. I’m a potterhead, whovian, nerdfighter, gleek

Name: Chloe, Chibi, Alex and Lorne

AKA (internet name): Mischiefreblogged, Chibi-Lenne, Negzer0 (and Lorne doesn’t have a Tumblr, but we love him regardless)

You might know us from… Most of us starred in the fanvid for "This Isn’t Hogwarts". We also hang out a lot in the Toronto Cosplay community

Tumblr: mischiefreblogged, chibi-lenne, negzer0

Station we are leaving from: Buffalo, NY

Trip Details:

To Leaky: August 8 at 11:59pm on Train 449

Back Home: August 12 at 9:30pm Train 448

Looking for roommates? Nope! Sorry!

About Us/Other Details:
  We’re a group of friends (and siblings) who are giant nerds from Toronto, Ontario (that’s in Canada ;)). We’re heading down to Leakycon for the first time and we’re crazy excited! We’re big fans of (to name a few): 

Harry Potter (obviously)



Doctor Who

Anime/Manga (especially Sailor Moon)


And pretty much everything nerdy. 

We totally want to make friends on the way down and hang out and we’re super friendly. We’ve been to lots of Cons before in Canada and the U.S. but we’re excited to try something new! All of our ask boxes are open so stop on by and chat!